My name is Oliver Weingarten, I´m based in Siegen/Germnay and I´m working as a 3D and VFX artist and technical generalist for the past 21 years. I´m delivering complete mid range 3d projects for agencies or corporations for exhibitions, print or internet.
I´m also doing custom 3D and VFX work for international post production companies as freelancer. I worked as particle/simulation TD and team lead on several international commercial productions.

I have been very active in the Softimage community with hosting the si-community, a dedicated softimage forum, and organizing the yearly SOFTIMAGE|ÜberTage event until 2016.

I am available for interantional freelance work, remote or on site.

1991-1997 University Siegen: fine arts, German language&literature and educational science
1997 Erstes Staatsexamen Sekundarstufe I/II
1998 Started pixelpanic computernanimation with SOFTIMAGE|3D
2002 Switched to SOFTIMAGE|XSI
2004 Music Video for Sabrina Setlur
2008 Beginning to learn SOFTIMAGE|ICE System
2005-2017 in close contact to Eric Mootz and his software development
2010 -2017 national/international jobs for fluid and particle simulation
since 2016  intergating Houdini FX into my software profolio
since 2018 integrating Blender in my software profolio
since 2016 offering 3D Laserscanning Service with a Faro Focus S 120
since 2018 offering structured light object scanning

I am experienced on all levels of a 3D production with a main emphasis on technical aspects like all kind simulation such as smoke, fire, dust and water. Composting and lighting are also big part of my daily work.

SideFX Houdini 17.5
Maya 2015
Blender 2.80
Redshift 3D Renderer
V-Ray Renderer
Blackmagic Fusion Studio 9
Blackmagic Resolve 12
Andersson Technologies Syntheyes 1511
Agisoft Metashape
Adobe CS
Faro Scene 7.1
Reality Capture 1.0

Houdini personal RND,WIP and VFX  Reel 2019

All water effects for Charlex( NY/USA

Steam forming words for Ladies&Gentlemen NY/USA

Flocking and particle animation for Thornberg&Forster NY/USA

Caramel for Charlex NY/USA

I did the final shot (animation, simulation, rendering, compositing) of this commercial at Virtual Republic, Düsseldorf/Germany.

Dust and smoke for nhb Hamburg/Germnay.

I was responsible for most of the particle, fire and tornado effects in this commercial for Charlex NY/USA.

Particle simulation and animation for the hero chard for Framestore, NY/USA.

Particle-, liquid effects and meshing for Charlex, NY/USA